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Canteen Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in Canteen. After an overwhelming request and interest in a multi-channel software system for juice and other QSR businesses alike, we are creating a solution for our friends in the juice industry to also use.

About Us:

Want to go online but not sure where to start? Have 1 store but looking to grow to 3-5 one day? Taking inventory on multiple Google excel tabs or worse, paper? We've been there and done that. Brought to you by the creators of JRINK, Canteen will scale brick-and-mortar centric juice companies to become bricks-to-clicks, offering in store pick up, delivery capability and all the backend / supply chain technology you need in order to do it.

We believe omni-channel is the future, with customization of product for each unique customer. Having been in the business for years, we have learned (the hard way) that having an A+ operations is just as important as having a kickass product and scaling from 1 to 5 to 10 stores requires vigilant supply chain management.

To summarize, Canteen is a software that can integrate on any platform, not just Shopify. It will offer all of the following:

Phase 1. POS focused:
- Checklists: Store opening, mid-day, and closing inventory taking + staff management items (sales goals, checklists, closing notes, etc.)
- Spoilage: real-time updates on what's expiring that day and the next day
- Orders: store orders being automated based on last year's data (if available), store PARS, placing orders for ad hoc event / catering requests, wholesale ability
- Reports: spoilage data by store and SKU, balance sheet numbers for end of month bookkeeping, # bottles produced, etc.

Phase 2. Full omni-channel:
- Delivery: capability to offer on-demand, scheduled delivery, and in-store pick ups for customers
- Subscription: ability to offer subscriptions for weekly orders
- Production: bottle by bottle count for that day's production so you make only what you need, make each juice precisely to the original recipe to offer consistent tasting product (this vs. throwing in all the ingredients at once, opening up inconsistencies on flavor) and scaling up production

Phase 3. Customization: special unique flavors for customers

The app will have different tiers with various offerings so the goal of this form is to get more information on what your biggest and most basic needs look like. The more thorough your response, the more helpful and customized platform we can offer you.

Thanks for your interest! We hope to debut a Beta version of Canteen in May 2019.

Shizu & Ben


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