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Pre-Season Survey
First and Last Name
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Are you new to RCGA or are you a returning gardener?
If you're a returning gardener, how long have you been with us?
Which RCGA garden will you be in this year?
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How far will you travel to work in your garden?
How many people (including yourself) will work in your garden plot?
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Please indicate why you have decided to garden with RCGA. (Check all that apply)
Please indicate what you plan to grow including anything other than food. (example - flowers, herbs)
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Have you grown your own food before?
The following statements people have made about the food in their household. Please tell us how often each statement has been true for your household in the past 30 days.
Less than 1
4 or more
How many servings of fruit did you eat each day?
How many servings of vegetables did you eat each day?
How many regular sodas or glasses of sweet tea did you drink each day?
How many fast food meals or snacks did you eat a week?
How many servings of beans (like pinto or black beans), chicken, or fish did you eat each week?
How many servings of regular snack chips or crackers (not the low-fat kind) did you eat each week?
How many servings of desserts and other sweets (not the low fat kind) did you eat each week?
How many tablespoons of margarine, butter, or meat fat do you use to season vegetables or put on potatoes, bread or corn?
What programs or resources have you or any or your family members used or have been a part of? (Check all that apply)
If you checked Food Banks in the previous question please indicate where?
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Home zip code
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Are you...
What is your age?
What best describes you race/ethnicity?
What is the highest level of formal education you have received?
What is the total annual income for your household?
Were you born in the United States?
If you were born outside of the United States, where were you born? Please provide the name of the City or region and the name of the Country.
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What is your employment status?
What is your household type?
How many people (including yourself) live in your residence?
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If you have children in your household, how many?
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