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Downtown Live: Artist Info Sheet
The Downtown Business Association is pleased to announce the launch of Downtown Live, a program designed to support businesses in organizing safe, small-scale live performances across Downtown.

With the cancellation of this year’s summer festivals and fewer office workers in the core, Downtown Live is a COVID-19 recovery initiative that will increase vibrancy, attract visitors and provide much-needed employment for arts and cultural artists and groups.

Throughout the remainder of the summer, Downtown businesses and public spaces will be home to music, song, dance, and various events. Edmontonians can expect to catch a live band in a parking lot one day, enjoy live theatre from a patio on the next, or come back the following week to do the downward dog in a park.

Under this program, Downtown businesses wishing to organize special events to safely attract customers to the area can apply to the DBA for support in:
• engaging and securing an artist(s) to perform outside and/or within their place of business
• funding for a portion of the costs of performance artists
• promotional support for their event

Performances would take place in public spaces (ex. parks, sidewalks and/ or streets) near street-front businesses, parking lots, on patios or inside properties (ex. malls, lobbies, businesses with ample space). Types of performances are expected to include musical acts, dance, yoga or physical performances.
The DBA will issue payment to the performer while contributing programming and promotional support to event organizers. The DBA will be process invoices after performances have concluded and been confirmed.
Events are expected to comply with all applicable laws, permits and public health authority requirements. DBA funding will be based on an assessment of the proposed event across the following criteria:
• Safety & Compliance
• Inclusivity & Vibrancy
• Business Partnership & Outcomes

All applicants (artists and event organizers/ venues) are expected to review and adhere to the Downtown Business Association of Edmonton’s Safe Spaces & Inclusive Events Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about your application, please email Downtown Live program manager Brent Oliver at
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