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AS Finance and Business Event Report
If your organization is planning to request funds from the AS Finance and Business Committee again, you are required to complete this evaluation form. Failure to submit an evaluation form may affect your AS funding reimbursement. Please complete this form as soon as you finish your event.

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Name of your organization *
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What was your total AS F+B allocation? *
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How much money did your organization fundraise? *(Put $0 if does not apply)
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How much of the funds did you spend on your event? *
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Did you use the required F&B logo?
Please evaluate your organization's methods of outreach. What efforts were actually made to reach out to the UCSB student body? Were those efforts successful? What was the outcome? *
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Briefly describe your organization’s methodology, how it was carried out, and whether it was successful. What was the outcome? *
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