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2019 Customer Experience Survey
Dear user, every 6 months we create a survey to learn more about the type of experience we provide to our customers. This allows us to improve the services we offer and to develop new solutions that can cover aspects that we do not yet manage.

The answers we collect are totally anonymous.

Did you know that our platform is a multi-vendor channel?
Il network DiBiasi è nato nel 2002. Ricordi quando ti sei iscritti alla nostra piattaforma di e-commerce?
Quanti acquisti hai completato attraverso la nostra piattaforma?
Come valuteresti la tua (o le tue) esperienza di acquisto?
Can you briefly describe what you have and what didn't satisfy you about your (or your) buying experiences?
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Quali dei seguenti servizi gratuiti opzionali hai utilizzato?
Is your account still active?
Have you ever received a newsletter from our Network?
Do you think it is interesting to receive news from the electricity sector via Newsletter?
Can you briefly describe your impressions of our Newsletter service?
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Can you tell us your satisfaction with the support provided by our operators?
Have you ever interacted with our operators?
How do you rate our website?
Which of the following services would you consider most interesting with reference to your use of our platform?
If you have any other suggestions for new services that you would like to be able to use through our platform, please describe them below.
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What message do you want to send to this survey manager?
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If you like, can you tell us your gender?
If you like, can you tell us your main business?
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