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Grant Submission Criteria:

1. The school must be an accredited Nevada institution, with K-12 accreditation.

2. Grant funds are not available for the following: Purchase of electronic technology (iPads, e-readers, tablets, calculators, etc.) not vital to the success of the proposed project, food, field trips, to fund a larger project, to pay speakers, substitute teachers, conference fees, continuing education units, or to pay teachers an hourly fee for implementing their grant.

3. The proposed project must be completed by April 3, 2020.

4. Grant requests may not exceed $1,500 for 6th-12th grades and $1,000 for K-5th grades.

5. Funds must be spent by March 20, 2020. Teachers will be required to submit original receipts to the Junior League confirming grant expenses. Any unused funds must be returned to the Junior League (by check) no later than April 30, 2020.

6. One grant submission per teacher is allowed. A teacher is not allowed to submit multiple grant proposals for different projects.

7. Teachers from the same school may not submit duplicate grant proposals for the same project.

8. If multiple applications are received for the same project from teachers at the same school, only the first grant received (by date of submission) will be entered for consideration.

9. If the application or proposal does not meet the requirements or is incomplete, the Junior League of Las Vegas reserves the right to eliminate it from consideration.

10. In the event you have submitted the same project for a grant with another organization and you are awarded the other organization’s grant first, please decline JLLV funds so we may fund a different project in the community.

11. Only submissions made through this form will be accepted.

Some previously funded project topics include:

-Girls in Competitive Robotics
-Small Instruments for Small Hands
-Book Buddy Bags 2.0
-Drama Lighting

All applications must be submitted by September 20, 2019
Project Name (do not include your school name in the project name) *
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Identify the specific group of students your plan will impact, including grade level and number of students. Also include if your project takes place in the classroom, after school or as a part of an extracurricular activity. (1 paragraph) (please do not include your school name) *
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Describe how your project will meet the particular needs of your students, enrich learning and increase student achievement. Identify the academic standard being addressed and how the specific goals and objectives of your project meets that standard. (1-3 paragraphs) *
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Provide relevant research or rationale to support your goals and objectives, describe it here. (1 paragraph) *
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Briefly describe the instructional plan for the project. Identify any creative instructional strategies used to enhance the lesson for the students in your grade level or subject matter curriculum. (1-2 paragraphs) *
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Provide a timeline for implementing your project. *
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If you are requesting funds for electronic technology (iPads, e-readers, tablets, etc.), please tell us why the technology is vital to the success of the proposed project and why the impact of the proposed project is dependent on securing the technology. (answer n/a if this doesn't apply) *
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