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Fiscal Sponsorship Project Form
Name of Initiative *
1. History:
a. What is your mission statement? *
b. Describe your initiative. *
c. What is the need that your initiative will be addressing and how did you discover this need? *
d. What are your current activities of your initiative, if any? *
e. What are the reasons you chose this initiative as the approach to address the need? *
2. Impact:
a. What will the day-to-day activities look like for the next year? *
b. What are three goals for the initiative for the this coming year? *
c. Describe the target population that will benefit from the initiative. *
d. How will you market and promote the initiative? *
e. Describe what success looks like for your initiative. How do you know that the initiative is having a positive effect on the individuals that you are serving? *
f. How will you measure or assess the success of your initiative? *
3. Fiscal Sponsorship Need:
a. Why are you seeking fiscal sponsorship for your initiative at this time? *
b. Are you partnering with an existing organization to implement the initiative? *
c. If you answered "No" above, how will establishing the initiative without a partner serve your mission? *
d. What other organizations do similar work in the same geographic area? *
e. How is your programming unique compared to those of other organizations? *
4. Partnerships and People:
a. What relationships does your organization have with other organizations in the community that you hope to serve? *
b. What qualifications, experience or training do you have that will support the execution of your initiative? *
c. Will anyone else be working on this project with you? If so, what are their qualifications as it relates to this work? *
d. Please list two references (including emails and phone numbers) that are familiar with your work. *
5. Funding:
a. In addition to applying to the Baltimore Children & Youth Fund, have you identified or applied for additional grants? *
b. If you answered "yes" above, when are they due or when will you hear back? *
c. Are you planning any other fundraising activities? *
d. If you answered "yes" above, describe the fundraising activities and provide schedule. *
5. Funding:
Upload the budget that your organization will submit to the Baltimore Children & Youth Fund *
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