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PM MOBILE RESIDENT: Application Form
Please note that all ART PRACTIITIONERS may apply, including curators, critics, theorists, etc.

Please complete and submit your application through this form. The form requires that you fill in all mandatory fields (starred) and upload the required documents.

You can submit your application in all major languages, although we prefer English. All applications must eventually be translated into English for the Jury, which may incur delays and extra costs to PM. If you can, please submit your application in English.

E-mail address *
Surname/Family Name: *
Artist Name (Nom de Plume): *
Profession / Artistic discipline / Practice: *
First Name/Given Name(s): *
Gender: *
Citizenship / Nationality: *
Passport / ID: *
Please provide a scan/photo of your passport / ID
Marital status: *
Provide names and ages, if applicable. If your children would be travelling with you, please give further details about their needs and educational requirements.
Current Residency Status / Travel Bans: *
Briefly describe your current residency status / right to travel. Are you subject to any official or unofficial travel bans? (Detailed information can be provided in Section 4 below.)
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