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The 2019 Vizzies Award Nominations
The Tableau Wannabe Podcast loves to recognize the awesomeness of the Tableau community, beyond those who have been recognized by Tableau as Zen Masters (including the HOF TZM). So without further ado, we present the 5th Annual Vizzies.

Nominations are open through October 25th. We'll announce winners live at a special event at TC19 in Las Vegas!

How do you nominate someone? It's super easy. Just fill out the nomination form by typing in the person's name. Zen Masters (including HOF), Matt Francis, and Emily Kund are not eligible for these awards. Please also note, any fraudulent votes will result in disqualification of the nominee.

Let's recognize the members who make the Tableau community so rich.

The Categories are :

The Michael W. Cristiani Community Leadership Award

* Someone who empowers, engages, and connects the Tableau community. Examples include (but are not limited to): organizing meet ups, user groups; consistently sharing blog posts; and someone who informally/formally provides mentoring/training.

Favorite Viz of the Year

*This is your favorite among all your favorite vizzes that have been created this year.

The Kelly Martin Best Designer Award

* The person who designs beautiful and informative visualizations.

Data Storyteller Extraordinaire

* This person can weave a data story that elicits a response.


* When you look at this person's work, you think, “Tableau can do that?”

Server Guru

* The person you turn to for all your server questions.

Data Do Gooder

* Trying to change the world, one data set at a time.

Best Blog

* The blog you turn to whenever you have a question on how to do something.

Most Technically Sound

* It's like this person developed Tableau, they know so much.

Most Notable Newbie

* Someone who is relatively new to the tableau community and is contributing through blogging, speaking, etc.

Biggest Growth

* The person who's knowledge (demonstrated through the quality of their visualizations or their advice) has grown significantly over the last year.

Must Run on Coffee or Coke

* They never seem to sleep because they always seem to be contributing.

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