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Employee Engagement Quiz
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Do you enjoy your work environment?
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Do you have a Employee engagement or On-boading strategy?
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Do you have a reward and celebration program for your employees? *
Do you offer any health and wellness perks to your team? Eg: Gym membership, Discounts to wellness stores ect.? *
Have you created a fun space for your team to be innovative and enjoy their time at work? (eg: a ping pong table, an area to relax and read, a white board for them to get creative on?)
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Does the company offer any type of ongoing training and development to grow the team?
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If a team member needs to works from home or be flexible with there work ours is this an option? *
Do you offer your team perks? (Eg: discounts at a restaurant, movie discounts, gift cards ect.) *
Do you share company detail with the entire team regularaly? *
How long do your employees typically stay with your company? *
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