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Tuition and Fees
Association Church Member

Total Tuition Cost- $12,040
Hope Commitment- $6,740
Association Church- $600

Association Church Member Responsibility $4,700.00

Non-Association Members

Total Tuition Cost-$12, 040
Hope Commitment- $6,740

Non- Association Members Responsiblity $5,300.00

Technology Fee
There is a $150 technology fee per student
Instructional Fee
There is a $100 instructional fee per student
Registration Fees
Registration fees must accompany all application/re-enrollment forms. Registration fee must accompany all application/re-enrollment forms that are received by:

$100 before April 15th
$200 before June 1st
$300 after June 1st

Students are not considered registered until both the application/re-enrollment form and the registration fee have been received. Registration fees are seperate from tuition and are non-refundable.
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