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Help Gapminder find important facts that people get wrong
We are always hunting ignorance!

We spend a lot of our time reading reports and looking at data. When we find a fact that we think is important we test the public to see if they know about it. If you think you have identified a fact that people are wrong about, please fill in the form below. We will then evaluate it and possibly test the public knowledge of this fact in one of our ongoing surveys.

To suggest multiple facts, please fill out the form multiple times. In order for Gapminder to use the facts you suggested, we require links to one or more reliable data sources for each fact. We also like to hear why you consider these facts important and why you think people don’t know about them.

The Gapminder Team

(By entering your email address below, you approve that Gapminder contact you with follow-up questions about the facts that you suggest. This is the only way we will use your contact information. If you want us to delete it, please send an email to
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