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Please fill out this form for plasmid or virus requests. If you are requesting AAV-PHP rep-cap plasmids or virus, note that you currently also need an MTA for AAV9 from U Penn Vector core. Please request this MTA using the link below. We recommend that you do not wait for a response from us to initiate this request – this process can take several weeks. You will need to provide a fully executed electronic copy of this MTA to Caltech's Technology Transfer office before Caltech will issue an MTA.

We are working to make our plasmids and virus stocks available through Addgene. Some are available now, other will be online soon. For now, we are distributing the plasmids not currently available on Addgene directly.

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The following CLOVER plasmids are available on (
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Note: AAV-PHP.A, -PHP.B, -PHP.S and -PHP.eB are modifications of AAV9, which we received from the University of Pennsylvania. Under our MTA with Penn, we are required to ensure that all requesters of our vectors also have an MTA with Penn for AAV9. Please provide a copy of that MTA to us. If you don’t yet have it, you can obtain it by downloading it from the following link and following the instructions on the cover page.
If you are requesting a plasmid that uses the GFAP (GfABC1D) promoter, please note that this plasmid was developed in the laboratory of Michael Brenner at UAB. No further MTAs are required, but by checking this box you agree that you will cite and acknowledge their paper in any publications arising from the use of this plasmid.
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We prefer to ship reagents by FEDEX. Please provide a FedEx account number below
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For questions about AAVs or virus production, please contact Ben Deverman (
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