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Application for Teacher Enrichment Program - FALL 2020
Application for Fall 2020 Teacher Enrichment Program
Applications should be submitted by 11:59PM on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.
Full Name *
Phone Number *
Email Address *
City/Town In Which You Teach *
City/Town Where You Live *
If you are affiliated with a college/university and/or private music school, please list it here.
Are you interested in working with a specific teacher or teachers? If so, who?
Please describe the specific skills or knowledge base you hope to cultivate by collaborating with another colleague. *
Please provide a short proposal, about the "program of study" you and your colleague could follow to achieve your goals. (See item #3 in the Teacher Enrichment Program Guidelines for recommendations.) *
Please provide a detailed description of your budgetary needs. (Our total funding is approximately $600/year or $300/semester.) *
Do you have additional funding opportunities from your college/university/private music school? *
If yes or maybe, please elaborate.
*Optional* Paste a hyperlink below to an online video of your voice teaching. (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) The video should be approximately twenty minutes long and provide a representative sample of your approach to studio instruction. (You can set a YouTube video to "Unlisted" if you don't want the public to be able to view it without the hyperlink.)
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