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I do my best work hands on. I mainly work from my private home studio or occasionally do out calls to clients.

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A little bit about my approach to the body and specific services
I consider the SOMA - the body's own intelligence, the cellular soul - to be wise beyond anything we can imagine. When I touch the body, I seek direct contact with the body (or all the multiple dimensions of bodies) and listen to the Soma.

* Intuitive Body Work * eur100/h, eur160/2hrs
My background is in therapeutic deep tissue massage, thai yoga techniques and more intuitive & energy-attuned (Esalen-style) touch.

* Dakini - sessions * eur150/h, eur300/2hrs *concessions apply for collegues
Erotic bodywork - to integrate and explore any aspects of the sexual.
The shamanic side of it is to bridge conscious and unconscious, body and mind, heart and soul, sacred and profane.
More information:

* Existential Kink * eur225/1,5hrs
I use tools and practices of BDSM to unravel deep states of trauma, pain and pleasure in a way that supports our wholeness. During this session we design and play out a scene.

* Archetypal Play - therapeutic sessions * eur100/1h-1,5hrs
My work in dance improvisation, creative therapies and shamanic sexual realm of archetypes and soul evolution help me add texture and depth into the guidance I offer. In AP sessions you can explore the relationships and frictions in your life.  

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Sessions are always unique to the individual's needs in that moment.
Yet sessions always include:
Beginning consult, set boundaries and intentions
Guided descent into the body & surrender
Deep, sometimes intense, sometimes nourishing bodywork to all parts of the body
Guidance to help you release tension in many layers, emotional, psychological or physical
Bringing aliveness into the body through absolute loving presence
Deep relaxation and gentle closure
Maybe some exchange of feedback and gentle homework

What kind of bodywork session are you interested in? *
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(If relevant) Have you had tantric or erotic bodywork before? How was your experience?
Please describe your expectations, intentions and time and date preference: *
Please understand that I do bodywork - helping you to activate and circulate your own energy. Moving any tension and stagnation out of the way. I am happy to have a call and discuss any concerns and boundaries for the session space. That said, I love the work that I do and value my time with you! I also encourage you to know your own body, its boundaries and it's own erotic innocence. I welcome your feedback and look forward to meeting in person! *
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