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Digital Technologies - Whānau voice
Kia ora koutou katoa. We need your help to better understand;
* how you and your whānau use technology
* how important this is to your family and
* how we (the school/s) can help you.
We are gathering this data across all 18 schools involved in the South Taranaki Communities of Learning
Note: this is an anonymous survey :-)
Digital Technology
1. Which school does your child go to?
2. The government is in the process of developing a new digital technologies curriculum. How important is digital technology to your child's learning?
Not at all important
Really important
3. What is your preference for receiving information from the school? *
4. What do you think your child is learning when they use digital technologies?
5. Would you like to learn more about digital technologies and how they can support your child’s learning? *
6. How would you prefer to be involved in conversations around how digital technologies can be used to enhance your child’s learning?
7. What queries, concerns, wonderings do you have about learning with digital technologies in your child's school? *
Your answer
8. Have you ever googled yourself and seen what your online profile looks like? *
9. What apps/accounts do you let your child access at home?
10. Do you model safe and appropriate online behaviour at home? *
11. Is there anything you'd like the teachers to know about how your child uses technology to learn? *
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