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Lucky Ones Coffee Application
A coffee shop that employs and empowers individuals with disabilities
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Date of Birth *
Highest Level of Education Completed *
School you are currently enrolled in?
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Do you have your own transportation or reliable way of getting to and from work? *
Have you ever been employed or received job training before? *
Who referred you to this program? *
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Relationship to this person (if they are with an employment agency what agency do they work for) *
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Contact Information for the person who referred you (Email and Phone Number)
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What length of shifts are you comfortable working? *
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How do you best feel supported? *
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What would you say are your two biggest strengths? *
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What are the two biggest areas you would like to improve?
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What goals do you have for working at Lucky Ones Coffee?
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Please Rate on the Following Scale
1= No interest/skill in this area
2= Slight interest/skill in this area
3= Moderate interest/skill in this area
4= High interest/skill in this area
5= Extremely high interest/skill in this area
Comfort working around noise *
Greeting customers in a positive manner
Following basic instructions from a supervisor
Serving and making hot beverages
Helping to take in and track inventory
Entering a customers order into a computer
Answering customers questions and giving recommendations
Taking on leadership
Doing dishes and mopping
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