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Virtual Visit Friend (VVF) Volunteer Signup

The goal of this effort is to connect our elders living in senior care facilities with “on call“ volunteers to share an uplifting video call. Several studies show that loneliness weakens the immune system. It is essential that vulnerable populations remain connected with us in this trying time when in-person visits are no longer an option and the fear, anxiety, and confusion of loneliness threaten the physical health of those already at a higher risk.

If you would like to help someone in need, please fill out the form below with your name, phone number, email address), and dates/times that you are available to be on call.

A volunteer will respond with an email including a short HIPAA release form and the link to a secure, third-party background check. Once approved, you will be added to the pool of on-call volunteers, and will be contacted when a resident has requested a video visit during your available time slot.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @virtualvisitfriend to stay updated and support our cause!
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We are currently accepting volunteers with special skills or interests for a variety of positions. Please let us know if you feel you are interested in contributing to our cause in these or other unique ways!
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