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CPAC Youth Application Form 2020
Are you a gen z from the south-west Sydney area brimming with creative talent? Do you have a passion to produce a dream music festival, put together a theatre show or curate an art exhibition? Maybe you’re just looking for a way to reconcile your love of the arts with a potential career?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

We are on the lookout for young individuals, aged 15-25, to join CPAC (Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre) Youth. CPAC Youth is all about creating events to prove Western Sydney is a hub of rising artists and art lovers alike. We're here to bring your creative dreams to life.

With a passionate team experienced in theatre, visual arts, curation, music and creative writing, CPAC Youth are able to help you build a creative portfolio, realise and share your ideas, and make a positive impact on the South West Sydney Arts community.

So what are you waiting for?!

Please note that you can contact CPAC Youth at any time via email and should you wish to request a paper form:

The role and purpose of the Committee is:
- To be ambassadors for Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC), promoting programs to their networks and local community.
- Act in an advisory capacity on youth programs, events, school and Centre programming.
- Develop and deliver events, workshops, and activities for youth, in consultation with CPAC staff mentors. There is the opportunity to be involved with other organisations through partnerships in Sydney and beyond.
- Occasionally write and design for publications such as education publications, worksheets, brochures and media.
- Other duties as required.

Involvement in the Committee aims to develop all participants' skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities, and to learn not only from one another but to build confidence in becoming a leader within your community using your creativity as a communicative, engaging and empowering tool.

We hope participants will:
- Build confidence, skills and experience to become leaders
- Gain skills in program development and event management
- Demonstrate keen interest in the arts through a commitment to volunteering
- Learn about the interior workings of an arts centre and areas such as theatre, curatorial, public programs and festivals.
- Develop conceptual skills in arts appreciation, mentoring, writing and public speaking.

Meeting dates:
The Committee is required to meet at least once a month in order to devote enough time to programming and task allocation. It is expected that members attend at least 50% of these meetings, as well as all planned events for the year. It is expected that the member will contact the 2018 Administrative Coordinator with as much prior notice possible to let them know of their non-attendance for a meeting or event.

Meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of every month, held between 6pm - 8pm. A reminder is sent out by email and Facebook, with details confirmed at the preceding meeting.

Meeting dates for 2020*

Tuesday 4 February
Tuesday 3 March
Tuesday 7 April
Tuesday 5 May
Tuesday 2 June
Tuesday 7 July
Tuesday 4 August
Tuesday 1 September
Tuesday 6 October
Tuesday 3 November

*Subject to change according to the majority availability.

Volunteer induction appointments will be set up individually with you and a staff member, usually prior to each meeting.

The Committee expects its members to attend and be involved in its program of events for the year. Dates are usually decided well in advance and includes some volunteering on the weekend. If a member is unable to be actively involved on the day, it is expected that they will be involved in the planning and preparation stages of the event.

Rules and requirements:
As a Committee member you will be required to adhere to certain rules regarding attendance (at least 50%) clothing and appearance, general behaviour, and dealing with the public. These will be outlined during the volunteer induction process.

By signing the statement, you commit to the rules; should you break this commitment you will be asked to leave the Committee.

*About CPAC*

CPAC stands on Tharawal land where, prior to European settlement, Aboriginal peoples used the site for hunting, fishing and as a meeting place. The Georges River was an important part of life.

Built in 1951 by the NSW Electricity Commission, the Casula Powerhouse (then known as the Liverpool Powerhouse) was one of a series of identical buildings erected to supplement electricity production during winter and power shortages.

The Powerhouse was closed in 1976, and bought by Liverpool Council in 1978 for $75,000. The building became derelict over the following decade, and in 1985 the residents of Liverpool decided by plebiscite that the building should become an arts centre. By 1987 Council had appointed two staff members to oversee the first capital works program. Electricity was installed, building reviews carried out and an office space was furnished.

In 1993, while Mark Latham was Mayor of Liverpool, Casula Powerhouse, as it had then become known, was allocated funding in council budgets for the very first time. An ambitious development took place, and the centre opened its doors in 1994. During the period between opening and June 2006, the Casula Powerhouse ran a busy program of exhibitions and events. Highlights include Shanghai Star, I Love Pho, Vietnam Voices and Cybercultures.

After a 22 month closure, the Casula Powerhouse reopened on 5 April 2008 with significantly improved and new facilities. The centre now houses an international standard exhibition space, and a 326 seat state of the art theatre. The centre also boasts a multi-purpose theatre/performance space, a ceramics studio, artists' studios, an artists' residency, and five exhibition spaces. In addition, climate control has been installed in the Hopper gallery and a collection storage space, and a new office space. This capital project has been a partnership between the NSW Government, ArtsNSW, Liverpool City Council and its communities.

We are a vibrant and engaged place where members of the local community, as well as greater Sydney, can see interesting art exhibitions, theatre performances and music shows; and participate in festivals, workshops and other exciting events.

The centre is open from 10am–5pm daily and is often open in the evening to allow for theatre shows, ghost tours, night time workshops and events.

Key objectives of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre include:
- Ensuring community engagement and representation
- Providing arts and cultural access for Sydney and South West Sydney audiences
- Quality and critically acclaimed cultural programming and collections
- Providing quality education and engagement programming
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