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John Hardin High School Marching Band Registration
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Financial Agreement
In order to meet the financial needs of the JHHS Band, there is a COST-SHARE policy consisting of a fee and fundraising events required of all students. If you are unable to meet these financial obligations there is financial aid available. REFUND POLICY. The Fees have been generated based upon the expenses for the 2018-19 season. Marching Band students who withdraw or are dismissed after making the first payment or subsequent payments will NOT receive a refund.
As with any organization or activity, student absences can greatly hinder the product we are trying to perfect. Following our attendance policy is necessary to ensure the success of the group. All performances and rehearsals are mandatory. Excused absence will be listed as follows: Sicknesses as absent from school, death in the family or family emergency. Work conflicts are not to be offered as excuses. Please make every attempt to schedule medical appointments on days that students are not in rehearsal or performing. In the event that conflicts arise, please communicate with Mr. Ellis as soon as possible.
It is important to understand that each member of the band is valuable to the organization. When a student quits they not only let themselves down but the entire group. It is important for members to fulfill the entire season before making decisions regarding future membership of the program. Finishing the season is not only important for the success of the group but more importantly an important life lesson in commitment.
Sport Physicals
Sports Physicals are required for members of the JHHS Marching Band in accordance to HSC Board Policy.
Band Letter
The band letter is earned by a particpation in band for a FULL YEAR (marching band and concert band). The Colorguard letter is earned by participation in guard for a full year (marching band and winterguard). 8th grade wind and percussion members earn a letter by participation in marching band and continued participation in middle school band. The band letter is presented at the year end band banquet. In addition, seniors will be recorded for the year end video only if they have participated in the band or guard for the full year.
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