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This will help us identify where you are in your business. We are so excited to work with you! Your business will never be the same...

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We have a comprehensive written Business Plan for the next 12 months *
We have written Core Values that the entire team lives and breathes *
We have a clearly defined written 3 Year Vision that the entire team understands *
We have a clearly defined Niche that we have become experts in *
We use custom software to run our business that’s tied into our accounting system *
I review our Financial Reports including P&L, Balance Sheet, AR and AP on a weekly basis *
I know and can articulate our Overhead Costs, Gross Margin % and Breakeven numbers *
We have a well-managed cashflow system in place that allows us to build excess cash *
We have excess cash in bank to cover a minimum of 3 months overhead costs *
I take a relentless approach to growth & learning by consuming new content daily *
I have a team of 8 or more employees that are fully engaged in the business’s growth *
We have a well-defined and documented Hiring Process that works *
We have documented Standard Operating Procedures SOP for all aspects of the Biz *
We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for every position in the company *
We have a budget set aside for Personal and Team Development *
We have a marketing plan in place that consistently generates new opportunities *
We have become recognized as industry leaders through our Social Media presence *
We have a Sale System that we can count on to close more new profitable opportunities *
We use a CRM System to manage relationships & leverage email marketing campaigns *
We have developed a methodical Client Experience that creates WOW every time *
We have Scoreboards for all Key Performance & Key Results Metrics of the Business *
We have Training systems for all new and promoted positions including Leadership *
I’m excited about the future, loving the business and the freedom it’s providing me *
My personal income is $150K or more & my personal wealth is growing consistently *
I take 2-3 vacations a year, putting my phone away and NOT coming back to chaos *
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