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Remove User in G Suite
An employee is leaving the company.

At IT Solver and as your G Suite Administrator we can secure your company data and make the necessary arrangements.

When a user leaves your organization, we can delete their account.

​Note: Only files owned by a user can be transferred to another user, who becomes the new owner. Any files visible to the outgoing user, but not owned by them, are not affected by account deletion.

The following types of user data can be transferred before deleting a user account:

- Drive/Docs
- Calendar
- Google+ pages
- Google My Business pages​

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Wipe Any Mobile Devices *
This step assumes that mobile device management is configured in the G Suite Admin Console. For company issued devices, we can remote wipe the entire device. For personal devices, we can wipe company data from their personal device. They will no longer be able to open their G Suite Apps with their work account. Google Support Resource:
Remove recovery phone & email
By default, only administrators can reset a forgotten password using the automated system. This will apply only to some organisations. However, it’s worth checking as a terminated employee could use their recovery phone/email to get access after the admin has reset the password. Remove the recovery/phone email.
Note: this requires
Auto-Reply Message
Sends an automated reply to incoming messages. If a contact sends you several messages, this automated reply will be sent at most once every 4 days) e.g. "direct all inquiries to <former employees’ manager>." Leave blank if auto-reply is not required.
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Delegate Account Access to
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Alternative file storage options
As an alternative, we recommend using Team Drives to store files. All files in a Team Drive are owned collectively, meaning if one person leaves, other Team Drive members can still access the files. This prevents files from being deleted when their owner’s account is deleted. Learn more about Team Drives (, including how to migrate existing content to a Team Drive (
Migrate Email To Another G Suite User
If we delete a user's account before transferring their email to another account, all email is deleted and can't be retrieved. Leave blank if you want email data to be deleted or alternatively exported to Google Drive.
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Alternatively Export Email to Google Drive *
The mail will download in the .mbox format, within a zip file. You can then store this archive anywhere you like (maybe within Google Drive). If you need to access this archive at a later date, you can use email clients like Thunderbird and import all mail on a local machine and then perform a search.
Transfer Ownership of Remaining Data
The following types of user data can be transferred to another G Suite user before deleting a user account. Learn more:
Transfer Ownership to Another G Suite User
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Suspend Access to the account? *
Email data is preserved for a suspended account, but the account can receive no new mail. The account can be restored. The catch — a ‘suspended’ user still requires a G Suite license. If you want to re-purpose the license for a new hire, we must delete the G Suite account entirely. Learn more:
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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