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ChemBio HACKATHON registration form Department of Pharmacy, BRAC University
The Department of Pharmacy, BRAC University facilitates the transition from idea to prototype in both chemistry and biology that may lead to new or repurposed drugs products and/or pharmaceutical solutions for better healthcare. Keeping this in mind, we are planning to organize a ChemBio HACKATHON in March 2017 and later in May 2017 titled: ChemBio HACKATHON. The event will provide a multidisciplinary forum for disseminating the latest technological knowledge in computational biology.

The event will include the following:
• Teams (of 4 among them 1 will be the team leader) comprising of BRACU students from diverse disciplines/fields such as Pharmacy, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Biotechnology will work together on computational/data science problems given to them.
• Explore solutions to problems using computational biology and molecular modeling knowledge through close interaction between multiple academic and professional disciplines.
• Participation of young researchers to address overwhelming challenges. They will hack the computational biology challenges with in-silico simulation using existing tools.

Payment instruction:
Please pay the fee BDT 1500 (Fifteen hundred taka only) to the department (To Asma Ahmed, ADCO, Department of Pharmacy, 11th Floor, University Building 3, BRAC University) and collect your payment receipt.

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