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Professional's Survey
Access Pathway Survey for Professionals.
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Part 1 - Awareness
1) Are you aware of the Access Pathway? *
2) Do you understand the purpose of the Access Pathway? *
3) Do you know what the criteria is for the Access Pathway? *
4) Are you aware of early help and universal services that parents and young people can access in the first instance? *
5) Do you know where to go to find out about the help and services available? *
6) Do you feel there are any gaps in early help or universal services? *
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7) Are you aware that you needed to complete an Early Help Assessment (EHA) to access advice from the Access Pathway Panel? *
8) Were you aware that if you identified that a child needed a single agency response (eg Speech & language therapy), you can refer direct rather than needing to utilise the Access Pathway Panel route? *
10) Do you know who to contact for advice or guidance in more complex cases? If Yes please specify *
Part 2 - Early Help Assessments (EHA)
11) Do you know how to instigate an EHA?
12) Have you been requested to complete an EHA?
13) Did you feel you were the most appropriate person to be completing the EHA?
14) Were you adequately informed of where to send the EHA when completed?
15) Were you adequately informed of the deadline for completing the EHA?
16) How long did it take to complete the EHA from start to finish? (Or an average time for multiple EHA's)
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17 ) Did you receive confirmation stating that your EHA had been received?
18) How long was it between submitting your EHA and receiving a decision about whether it was going or not going to Access Pathway Panel? (Or an average time for multiple EHA's)
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19) Do you think there is anything missing from the EHA? Please specify
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20) How do you think the EHA could be improved?
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Part 3 - Access Panel
21) Are you aware who sits on the Access Panel?
22) Do you feel there is anyone missing from the Panel? If yes please state
23) Do you think the frequency of the Panel is right?
24) Have you been required to attend panel?
25) How much notice were you giving prior to the Panel date?
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26) you arrived at the venue, were you greeted by a member of the Access Panel?
27) Was the Access Panel running to time? If not how long were you waiting?
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28) Were you aware that you had to present the case to Panel?
29) Did you have all the information to hand that the Panel needed?
30) Did you feel you were the best person to attend?
31) Do you feel the right amount of time is allocated to each case at Panel?
How would you improve the Access Panel?
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Part 4 - Post Panel
32) How soon were you informed of the Panel decision? (or an average time for multiple instances)
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33) Did you receive a decision from Access Panel on next steps?
34) Did you understand why the decision was made?
34) Did you understand the recommendations from the Access Panel?
34) Did you understand your role in the recommendations?
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