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Cache County and the National Park Service are working on a Logan Canyon Recreation Study to improve safety, access, and amenities in the mouth of Logan Canyon. We are interested in learning more about how people recreate in the section of Logan Canyon from First Dam to the Wind Caves/Guinavah-Malibu area and what improvements could be made to increase safety and enjoyment.

The feedback from this survey will be used to develop recommendations to address future recreational use of the canyon.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey!
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Logan Canyon Study Area
1. List the three most typical ways you recreate in Logan Canyon
m. Other
2. How often do you recreate in Logan Canyon?
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3. On average, how much time are you spending per trip?
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4. Do you sometimes bring children with you when you recreate?
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5. What is your most frequently used trailhead or starting point?
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6. What do you value most about the canyon? *
(Please rate all options below with 1=not important and 5=most important)
1 = not important
2 = somewhat important
3 = important
4 = very important
5 = most important
a. Scenic beauty/views
b. Opportunities for recreation
c. Pristine natural environment
d. Habitat for wildlife, birds, and fish
e. History/cultural sites
f. Solitude, peace and quiet
g. Place for family or group activities
h. Other
7. What are your biggest concerns when it comes to the canyon? *
1 = Not a concern
2 = Not very concerned
3 = Neutral
4 = Somewhat concerned
5 = Very concerned
a. Lack of parking
b. General safety
c. Highway-related safety (e.g. crossing the highway, walking next to it, driver awareness)
d. Lack of recreation opportunities
e. Deterioration of environment /resources
f. Trash/graffiti
g. Lack of wayfinding information (signage)
h. Overcrowding & overuse
i. Lack of areas that are family friendly
j. Lack of accessible recreation areas for people with disabilities
k. Other
8. Do you have specific recommendations for how we could address your concerns identified in the previous question?
9. What would your top three recreational priorities be for improvements in the mouth of Logan Canyon? (Please fill in the blanks below with the first being your top priority) First:
10. Anything else you want to tell us?
11. Demographic information
Under 18
Over 72
a. Age
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b. With which gender do you most identify?
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c. City you reside in
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