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Join The Good Business Evolver Application open until Feb 20th 2021
TGB Evolver is a tailor-made 10 week long business development programme for SMEs based and operating in Ethiopia. The selected companies will benefit from international and local experts who will design and implement a comprehensive growth strategy with you in 1:1 sessions – with the goal to enter new markets and expand your reach.

The current batch is designed for SMEs in the following three sectors:

Food & Nutrition
(e.g. food & beverages, farming & agriculture, packaging, gastronomy & catering, logistics & distribution)

Style & Leisure
(e.g. textile industry, fashion design, interior design, architecture, tourism & entertainment, Sports, experiences & culture)

Health & Wellbeing
(e.g. healthcare solutions & management, diagnostics, traditional medicine & natural drugs, self-improvement, rehab & prevention, self-care, wellness & awareness)
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TGB Evolver Programme will run from March 15th until May 23rd 2021
Wanna join?
To enter the TGB Evolver you should ideally meet the following criteria:

Your company is 3 years or more in operation

You business falls under one of the three sectors

You offer sustainable products, services or solutions that support sustainable businesses or consumption

Your company has a positive impact on economic, social or environmental sustainability

How to join?
There are two ways to apply for the programme:

1. You fill out this online form with your contact information and answers to our questionnaire.

2. You fill out the contact in formation and send a short video (3-5 minutes) with the answers to our questionnaire via Telegram @thegoodbusiness/+251(0) 11 667 4804

Next Steps: After screening the applications companies on the short-list will receive an invitation for a short pitch presentation around 1st of March.

Please note that your application will not guarantee you a spot in the TGB Evolver.
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How many employees do you have and about how many people are involved in your supply chain today? (max 50 words)
Which bottlenecks does your company face that prevent you from expanding your reach and exports other markets? (max 100 words)
What do you need and expect from us and the programme to solve these bottlenecks? (max 100 words)
How does your business make an impact on social or environmental sustainability? (max 100 words)
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