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Appointment Requests

After submitting your survey, you should receive a response from a volunteer as soon as 48 hours or possibly longer as we handle a multitude of requests. Please do not try to contact us unless you do not get a response within 3 business days.

If this is a dire emergency...if you or your client has no clothes or the basic necessities of life, please follow-up with a text message to 804-464-8016.

If you are a case manager, we need your name, company, and contact information in the first boxes and the remainder should be the client's information. If they do not have an e-mail, please create a G-mail account.

We no longer provide furniture and recommend that you research, call, and/or visit these places (Ya no proporcionamos muebles y recomendamos que investigue, llame o visite estos lugares):
Embrace Richmond at 804-404-3610
ReGenesis Thrift Store
Petersburg 804-896-0232
Colonial Heights 804-733-5080
Chester 804-717-1116
New Life For Youth at 804-276-9364
Thrift for Life at 804-741-1118
Love of Jesus Thrift Store at 804-230-4144
Boaz and Ruth Thrift Store at 804-329-4900
Habitat for Humanity Restore at 804-228-1305
Northside Outreach Center Community Thrift Store at 804-321-3181

Después de enviar su encuesta, debe recibir una respuesta de un voluntario tan pronto como 48 horas o posiblemente más ya que manejamos una multitud de solicitudes. No intente ponerse en contacto con nosotros a menos que no obtenga una respuesta dentro de los 3 días hábiles.

Si usted es administrador de casos, necesitamos su nombre, compañía e información de contacto en los primeros cuadros y el resto debe ser la información del cliente. Si no tiene un correo electrónico, cree una cuenta de correo electrónico o proporcione la suya.

If you are a case manager/counselor/ministry advocate, please tell us your name and church/company ( Si eres un caso defensor de Gerente/consejero/Ministerio, por favor díganos su nombre y la iglesia de la compañía)
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Case Manager/Counselor/Ministry Advocate Cell Phone Number (Gerente de Caso / Consejero / Defensor del Ministerio Número de teléfono celular
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Client First Name (Nombre del cliente)Rita *
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Last Name of Client (Apellido del cliente)Atkinson *
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E-mail of client *
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Cell Phone Number - Most communication is done by text (Número Celular - La mayoría de la comunicación se hace por texto) *
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What is your street address? (Cual es su direccion de la calle?) *
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What city do you live in? (En que ciudad vives?) *
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Have you every been to the Mercy Mall? (Has estado alguno vez en Mercy Mall?) *
Please check any of the challenges you are currently experiencing (Por favor revisa cualquiera de los desafíos que estás experimentando actualmente) : *
Bed Bug Disclosure: Bed Bugs are a huge problem in our community! We are sorry you may be dealing with this and are here to help in the best way we can. Please know that throwing out beds and furniture does not solve the problem! We hope to have literature out soon to help you keep this problem under control. In the meantime, we ask that if you have an active bed bug situation that you are honest with us. We will still help you, but we need to protect our building from an infestation as well. Bed bugs could literally shut us down for a time. Please indicate "Yes" that you have read and understand our concerns. *
What items do you need? We do not provide furniture. (¿Qué artículos necesitas? No proporcionamos muebles.) *
What days and times are best for you? (¿Qué días y tiempos son los mejores para usted?) *
As you may know, our new focus is on 1st time and crisis/emergency situations. We still want to help our families with growing children by hosting a "Growing Kids Shopping Day". We will have 2 every season. Our first spring/summer event is coming up on a Sat. You still will need to be approved and there are limited spots. Would you like to receive an event appointment offer? (Como sabrá, nuestro nuevo enfoque se centra en las situaciones de 1ª vez y crisis / emergencia. Todavía queremos ayudar a nuestras familias con niños en crecimiento presentando un "Día de compras de Growing Kids". Tendremos 2 cada temporada. Nuestro primer evento de primavera / verano se acerca el sábado. Aún tendrá que ser aprobado y hay puntos limitados. ¿Le gustaría recibir una oferta de cita de evento? *
WeCare is a new program to help our families who desire to get connected to people and resources that will help them in their journey to stability and spiritual growth. It will be driven by communication with our WeCare coordinator to help find you support groups, a church, etc. as well as provide Bibles, encouragement and prayer. Are you interested in receiving a survey and e-mail from the coordinator? *
Is there anything else we need to know? Is there someone else who has requested that is riding with you? Or a Case Manager that is bringing more than one client? Any other names we should look under to find your account? (¿Hay algo más que necesitemos saber? ¿Hay alguien más que haya solicitado que vaya con usted? ¿O un administrador de casos que trae más de un cliente? ¿Algún otro nombre que deberíamos buscar para encontrar su cuenta?
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