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Objectifs / Yamagata Reciprocal Artist Residency
Application deadline: 31 Aug 2019

The Objectifs Artist Residency is a reciprocal residency programme that is dedicated to providing artists working in the medium of film and / or photography with valuable space, resources and networks to help them develop their visual arts projects. The residency programme aims to facilitate the research and creation of visual art works and regional networking between artists.

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Our international partner for this edition of the Objectifs Artist Residency is the Documentary Dream Center in Yamagata, Japan.

The Yamagata Documentary Dojo, is a 4-week residency program for Asian filmmakers in the hot spring spa of Zao, in Japan. The retreat allows filmmakers with documentary film projects the opportunity to work intensely on their rough cuts, deepen creative ambitions, and to network with Japanese and other international filmmakers. The residency is organised in cooperation with the renowned Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, and participants of the dojo will have access to over 15,000 titles in the festival's library for research purposes.

Objectifs hosts a busy year-round calendar of events such as exhibitions, screenings, talks and workshops. Artists-in-residence at Objectifs will benefit from a simply furnished artist studio space, located centrally in the heart of the vibrant arts and cultural district in Singapore, and opportunities to network with the visual art, photography and filmmaking community.

Documentary Dream Center will host one Singapore-based artist for 4 weeks from 6 Nov to 5 Dec 2019 at the Yamagata Documentary Dojo, and Objectifs will host one Japan-based artist for 4 weeks between Feb to Mar 2020 in return.

In addition to their project work, the selected residents will be required to
• Conduct at least 1 workshop/seminar, screening or talk relating to their project, personal portfolio, and/or works from respective countries
• Be in touch (online and if possible in person) to communicate and support each other in their respective countries
• Showcase their completed project or work-in-progress in an end-of-residency presentation

The 4-week residency programme will take place:
• For Singapore-based artist in Japan, 6 Nov to 5 Dec 2019
• For Japan-based artist in Singapore, Feb to Mar 2020 (dates to be determined)

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1. Applicants must be a filmmaker or artist working in moving image.

2. Selection of the applicant is based on portfolio and a project brief/proposal for a non-fiction project to be developed and created at the respective residency spaces/host countries (to be attached to application). Please indicate if this is a new project you will be embarking on or if it's an existing project you are currently working on.

3. Please attach letter(s) of recommendation (max. 2).

4. Your project / research proposal should include:
a. Area of research
b. What you hope to present at the end of the residency

For the Singapore artist:
• Open to Singapore/Singapore PR artists with a work in progress project.
• You must have a passport that is at least 6 months valid for the travel dates.

For the Japan-based artist:
• Open to Japan citizens / residents (you must have a permanent address in Japan) with a work in progress project.
• You must have a passport that is at least 6 months valid for the travel dates.
• You must have sufficient proficiency in English language.

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Applications must be submitted by 31 Aug 2019 through the Objectifs website. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. We will not accept any late applications after the deadline. Applicants will be notified in Sept 2019.

1. Basic accommodation and workspace for the duration of the residency only.
2. Research stipend of S$500 for Japan-based artist while in Singapore, and per diem of 2000JPY for Singapore artist while in Yamagata.
3. The residents will be responsible for their international airfare, all incidentals, local travel, meals, daily living expenses and hiring of any assistants or production crew (if/where relevant).

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General terms

a. All residents must be 21 years old and above, and be conversant in English.
b. Residents will be responsible for the costs of their own round-trip airfare, and procuring their own relevant travel visas and/or social visitors’ passes, and travel insurance.
c. Residents may apply for other grants/project funds from their own countries or in Singapore, concurrent with the Residency.
d. Objectifs and Documentary Dream Center reserve the right to the final selection of artists. We regret that we are unable to provide feedback for applicants who are not selected for the programme.

Residency commitment

a. Residents should be committed to the 4-week residency, using the period for project development or completion.
b. Residents will retain copyrights of all works developed or produced during the residency.

Residency Organiser and partners

a. We request that artists allow the organisers of the residency (namely Objectifs and Documentary Dream Center) reproduction rights for works developed or produced during the residency. Such reproduction will only be for non-commercial purposes in relation to the residency, highlighting the partners’ support for the event and in promotional material relating to the residency – all images, video clips or works reproduced will include a credit to the artist.
b. The organisers of the residency should be acknowledged in the artist’s works as supporters.
c. Artists need to submit a feedback form about their experience of the residency and a copy of their project (in the highest possible format) at the end of the residency.
d. Residents guarantee that they are entitled to reproduce and exploit all of the underlying rights in their projects – e.g. music and script. Residents must have the permission or rights to all parts of their work created during their residency and indemnify Objectifs against any claims in relation to such guarantees.
e. In the event the artist-in-residence is unable to fulfill the residency terms or does not complete the residency without valid reasons, Objectifs reserves the right to recover partial or full costs as provided during the residency.

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