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TantrumCon Street Team App 2020
Welcome to the TantrumCon Street Team application! You are a vital part of spreading the news about our awesome board gaming convention to all the gamers in your area.

Establish relationships with store owners and travel to a minimum of 5 game stores (or geek locations) in your area, delivering our marketing material. We would like you to visit the locations in September/October and check back with them in November/December. Locations must be pre-approved by Street Team manager, Katie Pilz.

We will offer a free badge and special Street Team t-shirt for visiting 5 stores. Any stores visited over the minimum amount of 5 will be additional compensation in the form of TantrumCon Buck vouchers to use at the convention for snacks/concession. If you go to 10 stores, you may have 2 badges reimbursed!

Submission Requirements:
To earn your compensation benefits, please submit to us just 3 photos from each location:
1. A photo of the store's business card with the name of the store owner, phone number, address
2. Photo (if possible) of our poster/materials hanging up in the store
3. Photo of the store front. We will give the store advertising on social media and printed convention items, as appropriate.

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