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Wanna organize a game of queer soccer? an experience/ population specific discussion group? a conflict resolution workshop?

Bricks and Glitter is a non-hierarchical, open source festival (July 18th-29th) for and by people who are trans, two-spirit and/or queer. All are invited to organize events under the umbrella of Bricks & Glitter. Submitting your event to this form can get your event added to the official calendar©. We have limited capacity, but will see what we can do to support( eg. offer free space, maybe some food etc). Feel free to include any needs you may have in executing your project or any resources you may have to share.

Submit proposals for workshops, skillshares, games, discussion groups etc. by June 27th and we will contact you by July 1st. We are hoping to include whatever people want to do, but if there is not enough space we can talk about supporting your event later in the year.

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