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Letter of Recommendation Form
Please submit this form to Mrs. Snyder ( no later than 3 weeks prior to the due date of your letter of recommendation.
*If you do not give Mrs. Snyder at least 3 weeks notice, she will not be able to write your letter of recommendation.
Email *
Name *
Class(es) you took with Mrs. Snyder
Please list all of the classes that you had with Mrs. Snyder and the grade that you received each semester. *
For each class that you listed above please write a brief paragraph that states what you did well in the class and what accomplishment you are most proud of. *
Extracurricular Activities
Please list all of your extracurricular activities and state how long you have been doing each activity. *
For one of the extracurricular activities that you listed above please describe the activity in detail. State how this activity has shaped you as an individual. *
Future Plans
What are your long term future goals? What do you want to major in once you are in college? What type of career do you hope to have? *
Descriptive Words
Please list 5 unique words that describe you. *
Additional Comments
Please write any additional comments that you would like Mrs. Snyder to consider when writing your letter of rec.
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