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Croxy Airdrop
We Created CroxyCoin to solve the scalability issue bitcoin is suffering right now because bitcoin became victim of its own success. It can't handle too much people using bitcoin blockchain. The transaction fee become so high and the transaction time now can be days or even weeks. That thing really is not good because the bank transfer can be days but not week, and its hurting the bitcoin's reputation. We all know that the so called lightning network will be launch on june 2018 but it's becoming centralized. We created Croxy that can withstand 120,000t/s simultaneously using the Croxy special feature called CroxyChain. It enable the users to transfer with 1 sec with little or no transaction fees at all.
This airdrop campaign will only have 2 phase. Please fill up the form correctly and make sure to do all the task that is needed to receive your FREE CRX. Together we will CHANGE the future of BLOCKCHAIN from becoming centralized. Because we believe, Being decentralized is what we need in able to have a true freedom.
Airdrop Details
1. Follow Us On Twitter
2.Tweet: Airdrop Croxy Now Available
#eth #crypto #airdrop
For Twitter accounts with:
0 – 399 followers, the reward is 10-20 CRX
400 – 799 followers, the reward is 30-40 CRX
800 and more followers, the reward is 50-60 CRX
As soon as 2,000 participants filled out the form OR on March 12th, 2018

Distribution of rewards:
3 weeks after completion

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