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WCS Spring Players Signup Form
Fill this form before May 6th 0:00 CEST to apply for a slot in Group Stage 1 of WCS Spring 2019 held in Kiev, Ukraine. You will receive a response from StarLadder referee team about the status of your application before May 7th 12:00 CEST. Please contact if you have any questions!
Note that you have to be in Master league or above on your main StarCraft II server to take part in the competition.
Full Name *
Nickname *
Date of Birth *
You should meet the requirement to be at least 16 years old on the first full day of competition (May 17th) according to the WCS 2019 Ruleset -
Country / Citizenship *
Your country should belong to the WCS Circuit Region according to the WCS 2019 Ruleset -
StarCraft II ingame race *
BattleTag (e.g. Name#1234) *
Team or individual sponsorship
Please let us know the name of team and brand you represent (if any). Brand / team website URL is also appreciated.
Contacts and Social Networks *
Email is required. We would also appreciate your contact in Skype / Discord / Twitter, ideally - in all of them.
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