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30 Minute Discovery Session
Hello - Thank you for your interest in Whole Body Love Coaching with Becca.

Here are what a few clients have said about their experience working with Becca:


"If you are ever on the fence about working with her - just do it. Confusion is a lie and Becca is amazing. "
-Client who joined both private and group programs

"I have more energy and feel happier when I exercise. I know that now. I’m aware that I’m still fat, AND exercise is still necessary 🙌🏻 There was a massive mental shift where I started working out FOR my body instead of BECAUSE of my body. You can put that quote ANYWHERE YOU WANT because that’s from YOU.
I had a massive mental shift where I started working out FOR my body instead of BECAUSE of my body.
ON REPEAT" -Client who joined both group and private programs

"I feel more connected to my body than I ever have before." -Client who said this in our final session of the group program

"I really enjoyed having you as a coach." -Client who joined a group program

"Becca’s work and questions have helped prompt me to reflect, to be more forgiving and loving toward myself, and to more strongly embrace my own awesomeness. I have learned so much and changed so much because of this work." -Client who joined a group program

"Because of my work with Becca, I’ve started to like who I am as a person. I’ve learned that even if I make mistakes or say the wrong thing, I’m still worthy of love. I’m much happier because I’m able to use strategies that I learned from Becca to help me figure out where the negative emotions are coming from. I’m also finding that I have fewer cravings for foods that I used to consider “off limits” because I’ve let go of a lot the guilt I used to feel surrounding food and my body. I’m learning to put the bat down, and start believing that I really am as awesome as my mom has always said I am." -Client who joined a private program

"I can say with certainty that I would not be making these moves towards my dreams if it weren't for the group program with Becca. I've decided I'm not going to live in fear anymore. Experiencing and rewatching the group sessions have given me such a confidence and energy boost. Becca is magic and is truly changing the world with her gifts." -Client who joined a group program

“Becca has a gift for teaching you how to give yourself permission to accept your own power without apology. When the many facets of life have taught you to shy away from who you are and what you are capable of, sometimes it takes someone special to take you by the shoulders, point you at a mirror, and clear the fog from your eyes. Becca is an abundantly special individual.” -Client who joined a group program

“The group sessions helped me get to know myself better while also building bonds with the others in the session. Becca’s guidance and support helped me to connect with my self (body, mind, and spirit) more easily which has led me to know what I want, how to get it, and how I can impact others.” -Client who joined a group program


Becca's years of experience teaching and studying mathematics, dieting and deeply shaming/hating herself, and holistic spiritual practices come together brilliantly in her sessions, workshops, and classes.

Coaching with Becca is radical and designed to shake up many aspects of your life. It requires you to invest time, money, effort, and energy into YOURSELF.

To see if you and Becca are a right fit to successfully work together - schedule your no-cost 30-minute private Zoom discovery session by filling out this form.

In this call, Becca will ask you guiding questions to help you determine:
1. What it is specifically you want and what's in the way of that
2. If and how Becca can guide you to move what's in the way so you can get what you want

To schedule a no cost discovery call with Becca - please complete and submit the form below.

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