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Email reminders and information may be sent during the session. No more than 2 emails per month are sent.
Waiver - Sewing is one of the safest activities your child can participate in. Sewing safety is taught in the first lesson and reinforced in every lesson thereafter. Even so, sewing utilizes pins, needles, scissors, irons, and an electrical machine, and may result in small pin pricks, scissor cuts, or other minor injuries. By signing (typing) below you acknowledge that this may occur and that you do not hold Room to Sew responsible for such incidents. *
Social Media Waiver - From time to time, photos may be taken of your child during sewing class which may be used on my Room to Sew website or Facebook page. While students love to see these pictures of themselves, NO picture will ever be used WITHOUT permission from parents/guardians. This is to protect the privacy of children. Please check one of the following: *
I understand that time and space is very limited. Projects may not be fully complete at the end of a session. Students will be allowed to make up only one missed class per session. Make-up classes can no longer be carried over into the next session; refunds will not be issued. *
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