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Thank you for your interest in coaching an Extra team for the upcoming Fall 2013 season. Please complete the application below. Should you have any questions, please refer to our website. If you cannot find the information, feel free to email the chair of the Extra Program at


• Current AYSO Volunteer Application Form filed at National Support & Training Center
• Compliant with training requirements for age of team being applied for per national and Area P Program Guidelines (prior to start of season)
• AYSO Safe Haven Certification
• 2 Years minimum coaching experience

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We STRONGLY recommend that by the start of the season, coaches for the 10U and 12U Extra divisions have their INTERMEDIATE coach certification and coaches at the 14U level have their ADVANCED coach certification. For those that don't have the required certification, check eAYSO for classes being offered nearby or contact our Regional Coach Administrator, Stephen Cooper, at or the Extra Chairs at
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A coach in the Extra program should be committed to both the Fall and Spring seasons.
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