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REALtimeFOOD the world's slowest restaurant
Cultivate your creativity and ecological awareness while exploring art, nature, culture, and good food on the island of Megijima. You can sign up for one or more events or workshops using this form...
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Event Admission Fees / Pay it Forward
Admission for all events is essentially fueled by generosity, trust, and relationships. There is no set tuition or admission fee for our events or workshops, and participants are welcome to pay what they can afford, keeping in mind that:

1) Pay it Forward is not a donation, it literally means that whatever payment you can give goes directly towards paying for the next participant in a future workshop
2) If you can’t afford to pay, you can Pay it Forward in another way to someone else
3) The project coordinators and facilitators not being paid to produce and lead these workshops, they are also Paying it Forward by volunteering their time

Place and Space
All workshops and events meet at Oni Cafe and Gallery, on the island of Megijima. It's about a 20 minute ferry ride from the city of Takamatsu, and all of the events are coordinated to align with the ferry service times.

Spaces for all workshops are limited and require resources. If you sign up, but can not make it to a workshop for whatever reason, let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure your space goes to someone else :-)

More information can be found at

If you have any questions about the workshops, go ahead and email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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