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REGISTRATION HAS ENDED - thanks for applying to DangerBoat Productions' "All St. Paul's a Stage!
Event Timing: August 19, 2016: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (event time scheduled to change)
Event Address: Saint Paul, MN
Contact us at
About the Event
People may not always be able to make it to the theater, but for one unforgettable day this summer, the theater will go to people in St. Paul. And we need your help!

Here is how it works:
• For two weeks prior to the event, people will be able to go online and order an Improv Telegram! for anyone in St. Paul.
• The sender provides the intended recipient, the ideal time of delivery, and a basic message or a suggestion for a scene.
• On the big day, more than 50 improvisers in teams of three will fan out across the city, delivering the Improv Telegrams! to people in offices, coffee shops, parks, skyways, and just walking down the street.
• With a goal of more than 300 individual scenes delivered on a single day, this will be one of the largest single theater experiences in St. Paul history. It will bring people together, not only with each other, but with the magic of theater.

This will be a WHOLE DAY event. We will meet an hour or two before the scheduled start time to warm-up and perfect our improv battle cries. Tentative hours are 7am-6pm.

How it Works
About DangerBoat Productions
DangerBoat Productions worked with a wide variety of organizations and have created events unlike anything else. They earnestly look forward to challenges and believe that any issue or idea can be made fun and enjoyable. They've worked on events, marketing campaigns, training, and even organizational restructuring.

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