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Application for content creator list
There will be a curated content creator list on the Fashion Changers platform.
We want to show people who use their voice and reach to support fair fashion and sustainability and show how great slow fashion can be.

You think, you are one of those people? Then you should definitely join our list!
It's, of course, for free and we'll introduce you and link to your website as well.

Please answer the following questions to apply for the list.

cooperation over competition
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I create content about fair fashion: *
What do you do? *
You can tag multiple options, if you're doing several things.
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Link to your website: *
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Please upload a royalty-free photo
We can't tag any photographers separately at the list. So please make sure that you only upload license-free photos .
Please upload it to this Google Drive folder:
Thanks for joining the content creators' list. We are so happy to connect you to the Fashion Changers community.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at
If you want to dive deeper into the Fashion Changers cosmos visit
It will be live on 02 January 2019.


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