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Commission Request for Art Vibes - Digital
Let's make some art.
What your name? - Please include your username if you found me from social media (twitch, Instagram, etc.)
What can I make for you? *
You'll pay 50% of the base price before I start this arwork. *
You'll pay 50% of the base price after I finish this painting and before I send you the JPEG. *
What email do you want me to send the JPEG to when I'm done? *
Attach reference image here
What did you have in mind for this artwork?
This is going to be painted in my style. If you are unsure of what my style is, check out her portfolio *
Don't pay me until I've approved this request. How can I contact you whether I approve or not? (I prefer discord messenger but it's ultimately your choice) When you get approve you can pay me at : *
I'm trying to get better at checking my email every day, but it's a work in progress! Would you mind to either text me or send me a message on Discord, FB Messanger, or Instagram letting me know you've requested a commission? Thank you so much!! *
Do you have any questions for me?
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