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Custom Whitelist Request Form
First page, Data page (name, ID, what's being requested, etc.)
this form is owned by and belongs to Concentrati0n to non-invasively assist people in declaring their interest for closed custom jobs, attempting to remove the awkwardness of having to ask around.
Updated: 2-2-2021
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Your year/prestige (ex, year 4 prestige 5, or y4p5) *
Which closed customs are you whitelisted to? Separate with commas *
Are you aware that there is a service fee which you must donate to the server owner who also manages the whitelists to get added to a custom (usually $25)? More details here *
Have you ever been banned off SBS? If so, why? *
Do you own or co-own any closed whitelists? *
Are you interested in owning or co-owning a custom at some point in the future? *
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