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Hacking Village area has everything from our main Capture the Flag competition to IoT Hacking Village, Social Engineering and other security startups highlighting their projects. Of course we stay open to other kind of contest proposals at DefCamp so if you have a great contest idea, feel free to apply. We will then contact you and align together what is the best approach for it.

We have a short list of competition we would love to have at DefCamp. If you believe that you can help us to make any of those challenges happen, let us know. We’re also open to other contests as well. 🙂
Example of contests:
Lock Picking (workshop)
- Connected Car Hacking (ex. CAN)
- Best Reverser (Reverse Engineering Challenges)
- Critical Infrastructure Attack (ex. SCADA/Best Practices etc)
- WAF Bypass
- Competitive Intelligence (Open Source Intelligence / OSINT)
- Red Team vs Blue Team CTF

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