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Please fill out the form below and I will email you to schedule an appointment time.

The phone consultation is a way for you to meet me and learn about the services I offer and my design process. It is also a way for me to meet you and learn the overall sense of your project to see if the collaboration would be a good fit.

In this initial phone we can go over the basic ideas of the project you envision. It is also a way for me to quickly learn about your project and make suggestions on how EARTHeim can help you accomplish your goals.

Please note during the phone consultation I usually cannot offer specific solutions for issues going on in your landscape. These suggestions are best made in an on-site consultation since I can see the site and have more time to go in detail about the issue or idea.

During this phone call be prepared to give a broad description of your project, what you'd like to accomplish, and if you have any specific questions for me about the services I offer or the design process.
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Budget is an important part of the picture when beginning a project. Knowing a general budget for your project creates a foundation for the direction your project will go in. It is best to know this in the very beginning phase.
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Some questions to think about:
1) What is the overall project you envision?

2) What is working and what is not working in the current landscape?

3) What is your budget?

4) Do you have a proposed timeline?

5) What services are you interested in for your project?
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