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VersatileKids User Feedback
VersatileKids is a platform that connects parents with other parents in the community and class/camp providers. Our goal is to simplify the the process of finding classes/camps and the registration for parents like you. In order to do that we’d like your help! Taking this survey will take less than 5 minute. Your input is greatly valued. If you prefer not to fill up the form, you can simply send us an email at with your feedback.

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How long have you been a registered user of VersatileKids?
How did you hear about us? (Select all that apply.)
How do you find extracurricular activities for your children to take part in? (Select all that apply.)
Which of the following features is more helpful to you: (Select all that apply.)
How easy do you find the VersatileKids website to use in regards to finding an activity for your child?
Do you find using filters, such as age groups or categories, to find activities for your child useful? If not, what improvement would you like to see?
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Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with navigating our website?
If you found anything difficult to navigate in our website, please explain here:
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Have you tried registering and paying for a class online?
If not, why?
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How comfortable are you with the security of our software in regards to payment online?
Which is one thing that'll make you register for a class/camp via VersatileKids
If we were to host a free event in your city where you would get to meet activity providers for some one-on-one time, how likely is it you would go?
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Very Likely
How likely is it that you would recommend our website to a friend or colleague?
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In which city do you live?
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Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns about how we can make our website more useful for you?
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