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Join the Brave Babes Fit Tribe!!
If you follow me on social media at all these days, you know I take taking care of myself pretty seriously. CRAZY to think that just a few years ago, I was in the worst shape of my life, struggling HARD.

I was widowed at 26 years old, left to be a single mom to a 9 month old baby girl. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that had been plaguing me since I was 19 that same year. I was ZAPPED of energy, my metabolism moved at a snail's pace, I was 20 lbs overweight, on multiple prescription meds and popped ibuprofen like candy. I'd found a way to become emotionally and spiritually stable again (Thank God!! << Literally!!) but my health had a CHOKE-HOLD on my life. I knew it was holding me back and I KNEW my daughter deserved more.

I stumbled on an online health and fitness accountability group and couldn't believe the results I got in 3 weeks. I was so dang impressed that I moved mountains to become a coach myself and learn everything I could about paying the goodness forward! These groups CHANGED my LIFE. I lost the weight, gained the energy, kicked my "incurable" auto immune disease to the curb and started living a life where my EXTERNAL body matched my internal enthusiasm for life!!


Are YOU interested in changing YOU life for the better? Wanting to start on your own health & fitness journey so that you can reach your top potential in ALL areas of your life? AWESOME!!! Simply fill out this application and I will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps!

Be Brave, girl!! xoxo,
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