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2016 Membership Application
At this point, membership in the UCMB has reached its maximum number of musicians. Additional potential playing members who submit the membership application/information form are being placed on our waiting list until returning members and previously accepted members reaffirm their commitment. That commitment is due on July 12, shortly after that we will be able to offer membership to as many of those on the waiting list as possible.

Potential members are encouraged to submit a UCMB Membership Form, we may quite possibly be able to accept a few additional members as things develop. There are always a few people whose situations or intentions change so, additional positions in the band are likely. We will accept as many musicians as our uniform supply will allow. Others may be offered positions as non-uniformed support personnel—there are very important roles for people in those positions, while they may not be uniformed members, they would be considered as full members in the UCMB.

We will contact each person who submits a form to confirm his/her status and possibilities.

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