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ONS - ONLY for partners approved for use by their GP Partner Liaison
This form is NOT for partners on fully repairing and insuring leases with GP, unless the PL has made an exception for year one due to cash flow reasons.

Please read this guidance to understand how ONS works


The Partner needs to fill out this form below to get a GP Order Number Confirmation Form (ONCF). The Partner cannot instruct a contractor without an ONCF.

You will receive an email from our order number department as soon as you have submitted the below form explaining the next steps.

Once we have processed your order number form submission you will be emailed with the ONCF or a query about your submission.

GP will only pay the contractor once GP has approved the costs and issued the partner with an Order Number Confirmation Form.
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Details of the job required
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Please enter as much information as relevant. Please prove that you have looked for the cheapest quote by mentioning the more expensive quotes you received. We have to be wise with expenditure. Thank you.
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Name of the person in your organisation who will submit the contractors invoice to GP accounts? *
In your organisation who will confirm the requested works have been completed to acceptable standard? When our accounts department receives an invoice from this person, GP accounts will automatically assume the invoice is ready for payment.
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Actual costings are preferable.
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