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Jen's Meetup Form
This meetup form will be constantly updated so just wait for a timing you are comfortable with.
Raffles Place meetup (near City Hall) will be updated on Thursdays/Fridays.

Do not spam submit the form, if you want to confirm your form is submitted please contact me.
Meetup confirmation will be done on my twitter @Chocochip_Jen. You can find under threads Meetup.

Meetup Information
- I do not entertain uncontactable latecomers
- Anyone who filled up the form and did not turn up without informing me 2hours beforehand will have to pay $5 to collect your items or have to self-collect under my blk with $2 fee
- I will only wait 10 minutes for latecomers (unless special cases where i am rushing off or i can stay longer)
- There are times where I may come a little late or have to cancel so please understand if that happens.
- If you cannot make it for meetup, do not fill up form.
Purchased from? *
Name *
If contacted via carousell or twitter only, do leave your username. If group order, please write the name you gave me.
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Email *
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Phone number *
If someone is collecting for you, please write both of your numbers and state who is the one collecting.
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Meetup Timings *
Please choose timing 6hrs before meetup or contact me for last minute attendance. If timing is not there anymore means i'm not accepting anymore but you may contact me and ask if you could attend.
Collecting? *
What items?
Only for those who shared items or got instock items. Please state clearly the listing name or exact items.
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Have you paid for you item? If not, HOW MUCH will you be paying me when we meetup? *
For GOs: If you have yet to make 2nd payment, you may pay during meetup (only if meetup is before 2nd payment dateline). If you want to transfer 2nd payment then please do so before filling up this form
Remarks (I owe you money ect.)
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