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Maggie & Quaid - H Duo
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Energy *
Low - need some coffee?
High - please don't use drugs...
Volume/Projection *
Too Quiet - huh?
Too Loud - My ears are bleeding
Articulation *
Unclear - spit out those marbles
Very clear - you obviously did vocal warm-ups
Eye Contact *
None - LOOK AT ME!
Lots - You see me!
Memorization *
You don't seem to know it at all
Memorized - no pauses or breaks in flow of piece
Pace *
Too Fast - Huh? I missed it.
Pace Comments
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Presence/Poise *
"Popping" *
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Characterization *
Everyone is the same...
I feel like you have multiple personalities. Scary good.
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Movement *
You are a statue
You are hula-ing outside the hoop, dude.
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