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Teacher Survey - Gifted & Talented (2017-2018)
The district GT team would like teachers' feedback to continually improve the Simpson County Gifted and Talented program. Please help us by giving feedback on the following short survey. Your answers will by anonymous, and data will be collected as a group.
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Did you nominate any students for Gifted and Talented consideration this year? *
Do you pre-assess before teaching a unit? *
Have you utilized strategies for differentiation? *
List some differentiation strategies you have used this year: *
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Are you aware of the gifted students in your class and their identification area(s)? *
Are you familiar with the students' Gifted Students Services Plans (GSSPs)? *
Is the progress report useful for communicating student progress in his/her area(s) of identification? *
Services & Training:
How can the services your school provides gifted students be improved?
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What, if any, additional training would be helpful in the area of Gifted & Talented?
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What additional supports (if any) could you use to better serve gifted students in your classroom?
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